Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've got the stitching bug . . .

For some reason, the cooler temperatures have really gotten me interested in fabric and projects. I was feeling such an itch to work on something crafty yesterday! I've had a half-finished project languishing in storage for a few years now that I finally got out yesterday, once I found it (which took a while).

This is a Thimbleberries wallhanging called Bluebird Trail (design by Lynette Jensen) that I stopped working on when I got frustrated with the hand-quilting part. I remember having so much fun piecing the middle, doing the applique and even doing the blanket stitch around the leaves and flowers. But when it was time to quilt it I had no patience for it, so I stuffed it in a bag and put it away. For years.

Hopefully I can actually get it finished and on the wall without too much frustration! It really helped to watch some hand quilting videos today on Youtube.

From the videos I found out that it's much easier to quilt if you don't have your project so taut in the quilt frame or hoop. Didn't know that. Also, I'm using the wrong kind of thimble, and it would help if I also had a leather one for my left hand underneath the quilt.

Some day I'd like to try quilting with my sewing machine. That will be another project . . .