Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Poem

Back in September, Quiltmaker magazine's blog had a contest for 2 yards of the new Dr. Seuss fabric from Robert Kaufman. They were asking for a comment of something quilty in Dr. Seuss style. 

A quilter who quilts
Dr. Seuss, it would seam,
Has unlimited help
She can quilt up her dream!

From Thing 1 and Thing 2
Then to Hopping on Pop
Of course fishes in teapots
Make awesome quilt tops!

Is there fabric of Whoville?
And Mulberry Street?
Of the Lorax, or Horton?
That would really be neat!

Oh the quilts I would quilt!
Oh the stitches I’d stitch!
Oh the blankets I’d build!
I’d stitch one of the Grinch!
I’m just ITCHING
to stitch up a quilt
of the GRINCH!

But alas, we shall see . . .
if I do get a stash
Of this Dr. Seuss fabric
Without paying cash.

There are other poems, too!
And their authors quite clever.
I don’t know if I can
Make my rhymes sound much better.

All I can do is to sit, sit, sit, sit -
Think what pattern would be fun
To quilt Seuss
If I won!

A few weeks later, this came in the mail:

I think I need to sit and think some more - I still haven't decided what I'll do with it...probably a baby/toddler quilt.

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